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This was a totally aquatic hunter, swimming with a sinuous motion through the wecd- choked ponds of early Carboniferous central Scotland, snapping up fish and smaller amphibians. Its big eyes would have been well adapted to hunting in murky waters, and the powerful jaws and strong spiky teeth would have formed an effective fish trap. It would have hunted through the muddy swamps with powerful sideways movements of its body and tail, stabilizing and steering itself with its tiny limbs. Realistic Dinosaur Costume


Features: The body is long and sinuous, and the limbs, particularly the forelimbs. are very tiny and of no use for locomotion on land. The skull is known from three complete and several incomplete specimens, but they do not give enough information for the animal to be precisely classified. The jaw bones have anchor points for strong muscles and the roof of the mouth is very much like that of a lungfish but carries huge teeth that are unique to this genus. Animatronic Dinosaur

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