Coin operated game machine amusement walking dinosaur rides for children

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Normally the people will like to pay with the coin operated game machine, and they do have fun during the time, but recently one of the new dinosaur products have replaced the place of the game machine, it is more funny full of joys, it is called the amusement walking dinosaur rides for children, and apart from the children, the adults can also ride on and walk with the Triceratops together.


walking triceratops (1)


No people would have imaged that they can have a day to ride on some dinosaur models, and walk with them, just like “walk the dog”, which is only existed in the dreams, but now it is practical for all people around the world, as our technicians worked out the walking dinosaur rides, which can walk in four legs, blink the eyes, open and close the month synchronized with roaring sounds, even swaying the tail, what is more, the speed to walk can be adjusted as you like, for children and for adults.


walking triceratops (2)


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