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Judging by the number of remains found Cochleosaurus seems ro have been one of the main medium-sized predators of the coal swamps of Eastern Europe. All of the big water-dwelling amphibians of this time were carnivorous. Many different amphibian types arc known from here. It was quite a widespread animal, another species being known from Canada. At that time North America and Europe were part of the one landmass, and there were continuous swamps along the northern edge. The swamps were full of lush vegetation and supported a variety of animal life that acted as prey for the big amphibians.

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Features:The skull is flattened and up to 16cm (6in) long. Desprte its obvious adaptations to an aquatic lifestyle, the ear structure seems as though it would be useful on land. All stages of growth are known from the fossil record, and increasingly, specimens that were originally assigned to other genera are reassigned to be juveniles of Cochleosaurus.

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