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You got known the hottest dinosaur-related products? It will be absolutely the dinosaur ride cars for kids, we also call them dinosaur toy cars, which are not only getting popular to the people in China, but also around the whole world, no matter for outdoor or indoor amusement.




As we all can see, the shapes can be customized into different models of insects, dinosaurs and animals, as you like, even we also make the ride cars into Chinese dragon models, it is smaller than other dinosaur products, but getting more popular and it costs you less.




Now the steel frames are upgraded into 2017 new types, after several trials in the past years, the frames are becoming more stable and steady, the high quality bearings can let the dinosaur cars move left to right, and keeping moving for 8 hours as we install two pack of batteries, the kids can play with the dinosaur cars to the fullest, just like the baby cars.







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Zigong real dinosaur science and technology co., ltd will export animatronic dinosaur and animatronic animal models approximately 2000 pcs annually, the export markets spread over 30 countries, in comparison, we prefer to call them the artwares or handicrafts.

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