Certain aspects of dinosaur morphology

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Certain aspects of dinosaur morphology have been cited as evidence for their slowness. Walking dinosaur costume Prime among these are their cartilagenous limb joints. Dinosaurs were like crocodilians in that their joints did not ossier after they matured. Realistic animatronic dinosaur Their joints were allegedly too primitive and susceptible to damage to allow a fast run. But fully grown immature birds and crocodilians run on their cartilagenous joints with no complaint. Far from hindering speed, cartilage is an excellent, elastic, energy-absorbing material with superb lubricative qualities that spreads the stress at the limb joint over a large area. Realistic dinosaur costume Big adult orangutans, for instance, survive frighteningly long falls because they have unusually flexible, cartilagenous joints. Another argument for theropod slowness has been their lack of certain details of limb anatomy found in fast mammals. This is simply a case of mammal chauvinism. That this is not so is proven by fast birds, which lack the very srune mammal attributes that theropods lack. mechanical dinsoaur There is usually more than one way of doing things. Along this line, Nicholas Hotton suggested that the highly rylindrical hind-limb joints of dinosaurs were built more for the gentle stresses of walking than the tougher ones of running on irregular ground, animatronic dinosaur for sale fast birds have dinosaur-style rylindrical limb joints that work the same way. Even ungulates, among the fastest of mammals, have the most rylindrical limb joints found among mammals. Then there are the rearward facing ankle processes that give the shank muscles better leverage. These too differ in mammals and dinosaurs. In the former the calcaneal tuber, your heel bone, is very prominent. Theropods, and birds tcio, lack this tuber, and some think it means they were slower. Not so, instead they have a hypotarsus projecting just below the ankle. Although smaller than the calcaneal tuber it does the job just as well.