Buy animatronic infrared control dinosaur amusement dinosaur

Buy animatronic infrared control dinosaur amusement dinosaur


Recently, our company has just cooperated and exported several containers’ infrared dinosaurs to South Africa, those infrared dinosaurs are in the most normal way we manufacture the dinosaurs, each infrared dinosaur is set by corresponding program, and once anyone walk through the infrared dinosaur within 10m, then the infrared dinosaur will begin to move with the programmed movements, this is meaning that only if there is someone beside the infrared dinosaur, the infrared dinosaur will move all the way. animatronic dinosaur.


infrared control animatronic dinosaur


infrared control dinosaur model


The exhibition with infrared dinosaurs controlled by infrared sensors, is the first time to hold such a high-profile exhibition outside the museum in South africa, it is attracting a huge number of people to visit. There the holder builds a Plaza with over 1200 specialty stores, 26 themed restaurants, four department stores, all promote during the dinosaur exhibition, this is corresponding to prehistoric huge dinosaurs, attracting large crowds to visit shopping, The infrared dinosaur exhibition attracts seven consecutive days average daily passenger flow of over one million in the National Day Golden Week, creating the first national traffic. walking dinosaur costume.


After visiting the infrared dinosaur exhibition, a lot of people think that dinosaurs exhibition is not only make them feel the feast for the eyes, and also a great opportunity for dinosaur knowledge and environmental education. At the same time, a lot of floor traders said that the rapid growth in passenger traffic during the dinosaur exhibition, which driving the business increased, the audience are beaming and happy.