How To Buy Animatronic Dinosaurs From China

How To Place An Order

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to cooperate with you, and build something great with you!

STEP #1:

If you have the right venue for exhibition with plan for dinosaurs in specific sizes and quantity, then you can visit our website, in our website navigation bar, just select “Portfolio” and find the product you need.

STEP #2:

For example if you are looking for one T-Rex model, you can find the animatronic T-Rex from portfolio directory by browsing through this collection of T- Rex collections, and remember the model like RAD-001, then send us an inquiry by email or by telephone.

STEP #3:

Through phone or email, we will confirm the sizes, colors, movements and other details, then we will provide you with a full detailed quotation sheet with the cost, shipping cost, tax and installation cost,

when we both come to an agreement, we will sign and stamp on the Proforma invoice or contract according to the agreed detail.

STEP #4:

According to the requirements in the contract, you will make the first payment as the advance payment for the products about 30% to 40% of the total amount in the contract, we will start production immediately after the deposit has been made.

STEP #5:

When the production product is completed, you can inspect the product through pictures or videos, or arrange an agent in China to inspect the product directly at our factory.

After the inspection, you need to pay the balance before delivery, and our company will immediately arrange transportation and delivery after receiving the balance of your payment.

STEP #6:

After the transportation process, we will send you the bill of lading for you, and follow up the delivery status, assist to help you till you pick up the products and enter into your country.