Bigger Size Dinosaur Costumes

6.5m bigger sizes realistic walking dinosaur costume for adult

Years ago, the customers all hoped to make some realistic dinosaur costumes for their events, so we invented the dinosaur costume in 4m in length, which is proved to be the most fitful and comfortable sizes for adults when operating, and then clients hoped to make the dinosaurs to be slim and more like a raptor model, especially on the legs and body, no one can image or make a bigger sizes dinosaur costumes, as they think it will be heavy and not balanced well.

Bigger Size Dinosaur Costumes – Allosaurus

Nowadays, one of the clients from Germany, made a great trial, namely to ask our factory to make a bigger sizes dinosaur costumes in 6.5m, as they wanted to be only attraction among so many normal dinosaur costumes in 4m, it will be the superstar without doubt, you can see the huge difference from the attached photo as below, it turns out be successful.

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