Realistic Big Size Dinosaur For Sale

More than 20 meters of bige size animatronic dinosaur products will encounter a variety of problems in the design and manufacture, such as mechanical structure with overall weight (weight must be balanced, otherwise the dinosaurs will continue to tremble, even dumping), the proportion of design carved shape, packaging and transport, site installation, and so on.

25 meter long Tyrannosaurus Rex model making process

Realdinosaur has over 10 years of manufacturing experience in animatronic dinosaur, we have the capacity to manufacture more than 20 meters of big size dinosaurs, these large size of the products have been repeated by data validation early in the design, can ensure stable and reliable product quality.

And we have enough experience to design large-size products split transportation data (transport by container after split by standard), which makes it easy and efficient when the product is installed in the field.

Realistic Big Size Dinosaur For Sale

About splitting Transportation:

As international shipping for big cargos, we had to use a standard container to transport dinosaurs, but more than 20 meters of dinosaur is unable to put a standard container (particularly 20-meter-long Tyrannosaurus Rex), which requires to split prior to transport, back, legs, tail and other parts will be splitted in a reasonable structure, when put into the container arriving at the customer site time and it can be very easily assembled, the final reduction of our products through the needle and thread to suture the skin. It sounds complicated, but for us it is very easy to achieve..

About Delivery:

More than 20 m long dinosaur, we usually take more than 15 days to complete the manufacture, while also considering shipping time for assembly and disassembly, so the actual arrival time to the customer’s site is often very longer, which requires customers to contact us in advance, we will provide you with accurate delivery times, help your project go smoothly.

If you’re interested in big size dinosaur products, please contact us for a quotation now.

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