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Best dinosaur animation animatronic dinosaur exhibit


Handling with all of the shipments, our factory has made a new plan, to make a batch of animatronic dinosaurs with different types and sizes, in this case, we can show to our clients who will come to visit, and also rent to some of the customers, like real estates who will need to advertise.




The group of dinosaurs are standardized, one big T-Rex and one big long neck dinosaur together with couple of smaller ones, it is worth mentioning that there are two walking dinosaurs, just for kids entertainment, and one pair of stamping dinosaurs being designed to put at the gate of the entrance.




As per normal standards, any kind of dinosaur will require to come up with a design on paper of what you want your specific dinosaur animation to look like,  for big ones, this is going to be a lengthy process depending on how big you decide to make it.




Specially, the fire dragon, as always being called, it is one of the special attraction existence, the dinosaur is provided with different model and shape, even with different functions, when making exhibition, it will catch more eyes, and attain much more second glance, it is also the key point to be successful.



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