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This ichthyosaur would have been an eel- like swimmer, cruising at moderate speed but with rapid acceleration and versatile manoeuvring, using undulations of its body. It lived in the lagoons that lay along the north coast of the Tethys Ocean. The Besano Outcrop in which it was found is one of the most fossil-rich marine beds of the Triassic. walking dinosaur costume


Features; Besanosaurus is similar to the other shastasaurids (the family of large ichthyosaurs that evolved early in the group*s history and were restricted to Triassic times) in having a thin snout, small teeth, no dorsal fin and a long straight tail without the fish-like fin on the end. The one skeleton found took six years to prepare from the limestone matrix and was found to have the remains of unborn young within its body cavity, showing that it was a female, and that Besanosaurus bore its young alive, as is known from the later ichthyosaurs.


Below: Besanosaums fhe ofher ichthyosaurs bore their young alive, and so did not have to come ashore to lay eggs.


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