In March 2018, our company reached a cooperative relationship with Bangladesh Amusement Park.

The playground has been completed. In order to attract more children to come and play, an animatronic dinosaur has been customized for our company.

Bangladeshi Customers Buy Animatronic Dinosaurs

When the dinosaurs arrived at the amusement park, they attracted many children to come to watch and were warmly welcomed by local children.

This animatronic dinosaur was carefully crafted by our company’s production department according to the customer’s requirements.

It can complete various movements such as blinking, opening mouth, wagging tail, walking, etc. The lifelike shape, sound and movements are vivid.

The animatronic dinosaurs brought new highlights to the amusement park, gathered a lot of popularity and increased the number of tourists, and were highly valued by tourists and purchasers, and are expected to promote further cooperation.

If you are interested in our dinosaur products or want to buy animatronic dinosaurs, please contact us.

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