Large Dinosaur Factory

Due to the Special seasons, especially as the Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Christmas eve go and come, which leads to that most of the dinosaurs, no matter the big dinosaurs or smaller ones, are all rent out and sent, so to fill in the dinosaurs vacancy in the factory, in case that others to rent and purchase dinosaurs during the period, the board of our company held a conference, and agreed to make a group of dinosaurs immediately.

Large Dinosaur Factory Daily

From the pictures, it is clear to see that the group is designed to be with diverse sizes and dinosaur types, most of the dinosauros are ranging from 3-6 m, and two or more dinosaurs are large models, which are always required to be the central attractions of the exhibitions.

Attractive Large Dinosaur Factory

The movements are all standard matched, and the gestures are special enough in the angle of people’ strict eyes, now all the dinosaurs are moving forward to the last phase of manufacturing, they are being to painted with the oil pigments after finishing the process of brush coating and skin grafting(this will normally need one more day to dry).

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