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Attractive Adult T-Rex Walking With Animatronic Realistic Dinosaur Costume


High quality dinosaur costumes walking with adults hidden legs.

Days ago, one of the dinosaur costumes in 2017 style was finished, and now is no the way to Spain, this dinosaur costume is proved to be successful as our technicians adopted some new ideas, which is intended to respond to the hot weather of summer, namely one bigger fan is installed instead of the previous small computer fan, in this way, any operator can feel comfortable when performing, and the shoes are using of the high boots, then it will firmly fix on the legs, no one will see the bottom of the shoes any more, the eyes are also upgraded, it is more like a real dinosaur now.


img_6728 (2)


The simulation model of dinosaur costume is all based on the model our factory did last year, when we custom made two walking dinosaur costumes for one of the USA clients in Texas, the difference is only the type of legs, as some clients would like to do in hidden legs to make people feel more realistic, on one hand, some other customers would like to show the operator's legs, because the movements will be much smooth, what's more, it is simple to wear and take off.


img_6730 (2)



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