Assuming latest Cretaceous dinosaurs did decline worldwide

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Assuming latest Cretaceous dinosaurs did decline worldwide, what caused this? Animatronic dinosaur costume A good number of explanations have been suggested, many outrageous. In part this is because, like the public in general, many nonpaleontological scientists are, understandably enough, enamored of dinosaurs. So when working on some seemingly unrelated subject they sometimes get the idea that it “explains” the extinction of dinosaurs. They often cannot resist publishing their beliel and the fact that the media picks up almost any new idea and runs with it does not help. The theories that claim the stresses of predation caused herbivorous d.inosaurs to lay thinner-shelled eggs, or that the flowering plants poisoned the dinosaurs, are in this class. Changes in climate have often been cited as the cause of the dinosaurs’ demise, but dinosaurs’ ability to deal with the extremes of the tropics and the polar nights (see Chapter 7) casts doubt on such ideas, especially since the suggested climatic shifts-both warming and cooling trends have been offered-are mild ones. There was nothing approaching an ice age in the Mesozoic. walking dinosaur costume Even when things did change, the dinosaurs had effective means of coping such as moving north or south as required over a few generations, or evolving the ability to deal with the new regimen.