Askeptosasurus is typical of the thalattosaurs

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Askeptosasurus is typical of the thalattosaurs. It has a long slim neck and body with an extremely long ribhon-like tail. The whole structure is built to articulate from side to side giving an ccl-like swimming motion, stabilized by the limbs, rather like that of the marine iguana of the Galapagos Islands. The fact that the toes were well-webbed means that the limbs could have been used to propel the animal through the water when moving at low speeds, as well as for steering when moving at higher speeds propelled by the tail. Askeptosaurus has given its name to the family Askeptosauridac to which it belongs. This is one of three families within the thalattosaur order, the others being the Endcnnasauridae and the eponymous Thalattosauridae. Animatronic Dinosaur




Features: All the swimming adaptation seems to be in the shape of the body and tail. The limbs are not greatly specialized for swimming and were probably used only for steering and stabilization. The nostrils are far back on the skull, close to the eyes, as in many air-breathing aquatic animals. Its large eye sockets contain sclerotic rings, reinforcing rings of bone, which suggest that it hunted fish by diving into deep waters.


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