Asiatic genera and species constitute about a quarter of all dinosaurs known

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Asiatic genera and species constitute about a quarter of all dinosaurs known . animatronic mammoth for sale The study of dinosaurs in Asia did not only greatly expand the list of dinosaurs of the world, but has also had significant impact on solutions of many issues referred to the evolution of dinosaurs, (Rozhdestvensky, 1975; Dong, 1992; Jerzykiewicz and Russell, 1993; Xuetal., 2005) . Therizinosauroids, oviraptorosaurs, archaeoceratopsids dromaeosaurids and psittacosaurids represent just a fragment of large Asian dinofauna that include many other forms unique for their adaptive features. Therefore Asia has become the land to be explored thoroughly by most current and future dinosaurologists.


Over the past decade, great progress has been made to elaborate our knowledge of dinosaurs from Asia. animatronic animal Almost every month,new genera and species are described in numerous international paleontological journals. The author of this book and his colleagues have undertaken many excavations of Asian dinosaurs, and thus these pages are written based on his personal experience of the field work and historical development. Numerous collaborations have been organized with international partners by the joint projects of China-America, China-Canada, Japan-China, Mongolia-America, Japan-China-Mongolia, France-Thailand, Belgium-China, Belgium- Russia, and Japan-Thailand, as well as Korea- Mongolia. Among these, the China-Canada Dinosaur Project ( CCDP ) , from 1986 through 1990, and the Sino-Japanese Silk Road Expedition realized in 1992 ~ 1993, made the first most exciting finds on the territory of China. Recently, many basal birds and feathered dinosaurs have been found in the Chaoyang Area, Liaoning Province, in the northeastern China. These fossils have become key-specimens for undei’standing of the evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs and birds.


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