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As early predatory dinosaurs evolved


As early predatory dinosaurs evolved, they quickly acquired more birdlike attributes, such as the long pubes in the hips and the full bipedalism of the staurikosaurians, (Realistic dinosaur costume)another order of paleodinosaurs. (Walking dinosaur costume) Like lagosuchids, staurikosaurs did not last long as a group. They were larger, though, and more powerful, making them the first dinosaurian big-game killers. There looks to be a staurikosaur present in the Arizonian Chinlo Formation;' it is neither a herbivore nor the world's oldest dinosaur as originallv proposed.


look rather like a staurikosaur's, one more primitive than Srcurikoscurus itself. (Animatronic dinosaur)If so then this is the earliest of the group. But this too could be wrong, and Pseudologosuchus could even be a theropod. Not a whole lot is known of this little beast, its most distinctive feature is the modest elongation of the spines of the tail vertebrae.


The only specimen is just about the best late paleodinosaur skeleton we have. The skull is missing, and the teeth are missing from the lower jaw, but the lower jaw's length shows that this was a big-skulled and probably big-toothed predator. The lower jaws are very distorted, yet I think the end of the lower jaw is a little downcurved, like in the herbivorous prosauropod dinosaurs. Most of the vertebral column, part of the shoulder blade, and the hips and hind limbs (excepting the foot) are also known. Some other details in the skeletal restoration, especially the skull and humerus, have been taken from other four-toed predatory dinosaurs such as Frenguelhsaurus (Animatronic dinosaur for sale).


Although not a large animal, the big head suggests this dinosaur tackled fairly large prey. Big thecodont predators were its main competition and source of danger.


More of this species is known than has been published. The short humerus confi.rms that staurikosaurs were bipedal. (Also in line with bipedalism are the staurikosaur-henerasaur's short backs.) A leopard- or wolf-sized predator, L cottof was in danger from larger Herrercscurus, and Freng'uelhscurus, and also from the qiant thecodonts of the Ischizualasto Formation.

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