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With its long neck and its paddle-like limbs, Anshunsaurus was thought to be some sort of ichthyosaur-like reptile when its fossils were first found. However, further study of the fragmentary remains showed that it was a thalattosaur. This came as a surprise as previously animals from this order were known only from Europe and North America. animatronic dinosaur




Scientists currently place it within the Askeptosauridac family, though it is ackowledged that the relationships between the three families within the thalattosaur order are not entirely clear. Only one specimen of Anshunsaurus has been found, so scientists have as yet described only one species. Like other animals that returned to a life in the ocean, Anshunsaurus is adapted to its marine environment hut retains features that are similar in appearance to its land-living ancestors.


Features As in the other thalattosaurs. Anshunsaurus has a neck and body that are long and slim. The tail is extremely long and ribbon-like, propelling the animal along with a sinuous side- to-side action. The broad webbed feet would have been used for steering and manoeuvring. These reptiles must have come on to land to lay eggs, but their movements would have been clumsy there.

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