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Ankylosaurids had less finesse


But the tail functioned as the cornerstone of the ankylosaur's defensive tactics. (lifelike animatronic dinosaur)Like the nodosaur's, the root of the ankylosaurs' tail was powerful and supple. Unlike nodosaurs, the last half of the ankylosaurs' tail was stiffened by a series of bony tendons that converted this end into a prolonged handle for a bone-crushing war club. At the very end of the tail, three large masses of bone fused together to create a sort of monster cloverleaf-shaped club head. By contracting its tail muscles, the animal could quickly swing the stiff handle from side to side and powerfully flail its three-leafed club head.


The ankylosaurs'war club was less precise but quicker than the stegosaurs'.(realistic dinosaur costume) A stegosaur's tail joints were supple right down to the very tip of its tail, so the animal could control the movement of the spiked club carefully. Such care was necessary for effective defense because the sharp spikes required accurate aim. Ankylosaurids had less finesse, but the massiveness of their club guaran-teed damage no matter how the blow landed.


In nodosaurs, ankylosaurids, and stegosaurs, the dangerous weapons were carried on shoulders or tail. (animatronic dinosaur factory)But one group of armored dinosaurs, the boneheads, used their skulls as their principal offensive device. "Greatest Dinosaurian Bonehead!"—touted the label beneath the skull in the New York museum. In the glass case stood Pachycephalosaurus ("heavy-headed lizard"), a bonehead indeed, with a two-foot-long skull topped by a dome of solid bone eight inches thick covering the forehead and crown.

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