Animtronic T-Rex Head Model

Our factory always manufacture kinds of animatronic dinosaur models, originally the customers require us to provide the most realistic animatornic dinosaurs, with vivid colors and shapes, just according to the BBC or Jurassic park films, but years later, there are more and more those kinds of real dinosaurs in the exhibition places, some clients decide to purchase some special dinosaurs, like dinosaur costumes, dinosaur rides and walking dinosaurs, even pleo dinosaurs, among all the special ones, the dinosaur head models are becoming popular, like the T-Rex head model, dinosaur entrance door, Fiberglass head statue, T-Rex dinosaur head model is very special and attractive for amusement.

Animtronic T-Rex Head Model

Do you ever image there will be something moving just with the head like being alive, maybe you can only see this scene from the horrible films, but our company can make this happen, the T-Rex dinosaur head can make sounds, open and close the month, open and close the eyes, twisting the neck, that is the reason to make the dinosaur special and popular, by the way, the steel frame balance will be special designed too.

We are the one of the most professional dinosaurs manufacturing factory, with specialized design, manufacturing, trade teams, and till now we have experience of Europe, South Africa, East and South Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and so on. The main countries include Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Philipines, Australia, Russia, Thailand, the UAE, Poland, Spain, Germany, Croatia, etc.

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