Provide You With Customized Services

We will customize your personalized products by understanding your ideas, details and functional needs.

The Customizing Content

Styling – Customize The Appearance & Posture

Drive mode – Stepper Motor, Servo Motor

Function Customization – Such As Smoke, Water Spray, Gesture Control

Color customization – The Skin Can Be Customized In Any Color

Sound Customization – Customize Any Sound Or Use Your Voice

You can customize such as fireproof sponge or plain sponge

You Can Use Common Software For Preliminary Design, Such As: CAD, PS, AI, CDR.

All you need to do is provide design renderings, pencil sketches, photos, videos, or verbal descriptions, and we can present the ideal product to you.

Pencil sketch
hand-painted manuscript
3d design
pencil drawing

You can customize the stepper motor system, servo motor system, to meet your torque,

Angle and direction requirements if you are not satisfied with the traditional wiper motor drive.