We Provide Overall Solutions For Animatronic Dinosaur & Animals Exhibitions

We have rich experience in outdoor dinosaur theme park design and planning, indoor science theme exhibitions, animatronic animal exhibitions, insect model exhibitions, stage performance equipment, small-scale family party props, etc.

The animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals are our best selling products. We have produced more than 100 kinds of dinosaurs and almost all common large animals.

Because of our unique production process, their appearance is extremely realistic, the skin feels soft, and their movements are flexible and smooth. Can you think of it? The hair of the animatronic lion is glued one by one by the technician, which requires enough patience to complete.

More Creativity & More Fun

In addition to products for tourists to visit, we have also developed interactive products, such as: realistic dinosaur costume, dinosaur ride, dinosaur car, walking dinosaur, remote control robot dinosaur and other products that can interact with visitors.

On the street, wearing a dinosaur costume to interact with someone is amazing and interesting.

In the mall, children ride on the backs of big dinosaurs, bravely like knights, shouting or laughing happily.

In the square, children ride this dinosaur cars, accompanied by dynamic background music, childhood becomes so beautiful.

On the stage, the actors used a remote control to operate a large sturdy dinosaur, making it move forward and backward, and pounce on the audience with its teeth and claws. What a wonderful experience.

Custom Products

We can also produce western dragons with two or three heads, fire dragons with smoke in their mouths, and monster dragons with wings fluttering. Each of these products can attract a large audience and help customers achieve marketing purposes very easily.

If you have no requirements for movements, we can also make sculptures made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, such as: dinosaurs, animals, movie characters, cartoon characters, plants and flowers, marine life, architectural decorations, etc.You can not image that we can even make trash cans in shape of dinosaurs.

Personalized service

If the conventional products cannot meet your requirements, you can also customize your personalized products specifically for you. The work you need to do in advance is just to tell us what you think.