Animatronic Triceratops

One of the largest Triceratops models is the dinosaur manufactured in the size of 8 m in length, or the width and height will surpass the maximum capacity, even for those kinds of medium dinosaurs, there will be several workers to finish the body modelling, and textures and stripes works together, so it will be some slight differences, because all those works are handled with handicrafts, this is also where the main value exists.

Many parts of our dinosaurs are supplied for dinoparks or Jurassic parks, so the quality has to be guaranteed, the horns in this article are sculpted to be lifelike, no matter the gestures and sizes proportion and even the position are perfectly calculated.

Triceratops Model For Jurassic Park

A very important attraction is that one forelimb of the Triceratops is designed to be animatronic, which can move automatically with the other movements, then the Triceratops can seemly much more realistic, this movement will add one 150 W brushless motor, but the price will be only a little higher, one of the videos will be shared if anyone is interested, by the way, now our factory has just make the upgrading on the legs movement, not only one leg can move, but also we can make the two or four legs move.

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