Animatronic Stegosaurus Model

Previously, the steel frame of the animatronic dinosaurs will be painted with red lacquer, but from now on, the steel frame will be deep black lacquer, just like the example of the animatronic Stegosaurus model, which are put outside for outdoor playground exhibition.

In this order, there are dozens of dinosaurs need to be manufactured, among which the animatronic Stegosaurus are arranged somewhat later, because the Stegosaurus dinosaurs are much more complicated, this will ask the experienced workers for needing high attention and more time to finish.

At the beginning of manufacturing those mechanical dinosaur models, we adjust several designs on the back spines, finally we choose the best design, which turns out to be a wise choice, especially after painting the colors, we see the back spines so rigid like a wall.

The clients put those Stegosaurus models across over the trees and grasses, keeping far away from the road, then the visitors can only see the above the bodies, when the animatronic Stegosaurus models move, people will consider they are real ones, and they will feel like being in the dinosaur park instantly.

Apart from the two big Stegosaurus dinosaurs, there are two small Stegosaurus dinosaur babies, they are nearby the big ones, but they are too small to see and find their parents, so they are making roaring sounds, hopefully they can find their “family”.

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