Robot T-Rex

Robot T-Rex are famous as the king monsters in Jurassic park, they are fierce and strong, because they are feeding on all the other kinds of dinosaurs, no matter carnivorous dinosaurs or herbivorous dinosaurs, no dinosaur can get close, much less attack T-Rex.

The park is designed with 20 pcs dinosaurs, including two big T-Rex dinosaurs, they are just like the dukes of each territory, but as we all know, someday, they will meet and fight, then declare a war between dinosaurs, they are in different sizes with different movements and gestures, one is standing higher, just occupy a commanding position, another one is more violent, square off and ready to attack.

20 Meter Long Robot T-Rex Model

Even the clients give our painters with the pantone, because they want it to be as colorful and environmental as possible, the base color is rendering with the green, it is so called green dinosaur, it is in 25 m long, another one is 20 m long, even the teeth can be larger than some small dinosaurs, they are fighting for the leadership in the Jurassic park, because when Greek meets Greek , then comes the tug of war, they glare at each other, without retreat and any hesitation, they must fight like a tough men.

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