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From beginning to nowadays, one third of the customers pay much attention on the walking T-Rex costume of the old type, which the model number is RDC-0113, This T-Rex costume is the first T-Rex costume in the field of the dinosaur costumes, originally designed for foreign adults, and all the following dinosaur costumes are聽emulating this model.


T-Rex costume

It is fierce with big head and shape teeth, the big body makes the T-Rex dinosaur to be as real as possible, but it also make the operator feel harder to control and perform when walking with the dinosaur costume.


Dinosaur costumes


Then our designers decide to change the design to some extend, namely to decrease the T-Rex steel frame sizes, after repeated attempts with trial and error, finally our company successfully makes the right and perfect steel frame with lightweight stainless steel, which is continued to be used till now.

Above all, if any client still would like to order the old type T-Rex costume adult, we can manufacture specially, but we do suggest to choose those new upgraded dinosaur costume types, which are proved to be perfect for the operators to control, because it will be just about 18 kg, and the sizes can be comfortable for the performance.


T-Rex suit

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