Dinosaur Costumes In Factory

Realdinosaur keeps dozens of steel frames for dinosaur toy cars and other products like animatronic dinosaur models and realistic dinosaur costumes, this is all because those dinosaur cars are becoming more and more popular to the kids, who love them so much, they can even play with those dinosaur toy cars in a whole day, what is more, the buyers who own a shopping mall or amusement park and any other similar entertainment places can easily get one or more dinosaur toy cars in a price at USD 550 only, those reasons make the dinosaur cars for kids riding get much popularized nowadays, so we decide to arrange dozens of frames to meet the high demands in each month.

animatronic dinosaur & dinosuar toy car of steel frames

Dinosaur Costumes In Factory


Besides, we add extra functions on the animal toy cars, such as lights in shape of windmill on the legs, eyes shining in three colors, power indication lights, even mouth open and close, etc, all those functions will make children fall in love with them instantly.

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