What is Animatronic Dinosaur

It is a handmade animatronic model, takes the fossil data of dinosaurs for reference, also a dynamic model restored according to the real size.

Each movement has a different control motor, and starts with vivid dinosaur roaring.

Just like a real dinosaur comes back in modern society, which is different from static sculpture.

Using these features, we can easily hold a dynamic dinosaur exhibition, restore the ancient dinosaur scene, let visitors immersed in the environment of dinosaurs.

Which Occasions Are Suitable For Holding Dinosaur Exhibition

Dinosaur exhibitions have become a very popular way of marketing in recent years.

As long as there are enough dinosaurs in the right place, there is no place limit of dinosaur exhibitions.

Common Indoor Dinosaur Exhibits

Common Outdoor Dinosaur Exhibits

Production Process

The production process of the animatronic dinosaur is roughly divided into the following steps

It seems like a simple process but actually requires strict quality control in every step. in order to connect with the next step and finally present satisfactory results.


CAD design according to customers' preferences.

Steel Frame

Mananufacture steel frame and install transmission movement mechanism.


Engineers use professional tools to sculpt the basic shape of dinosaurs.

Skin Grafting

Ironing skin lines according to the requirements of the CAD.

Skin Making

Use silicone to make soft skin after covering with a special fiber cloth.


Spray the color, and then use transparent silica gel to prevent color fading.

Installing Accessories

Teeth, tongue and eyes, remove residual silicone.

Aging Test

It will be tested for at least 12 hours before leaving the factory.