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Animatronic dinosaur robots packing and delivering to Duschanbe


On 23th.Feb, 2018, almost compaines get back to work, so is the case for our company-realdinosaur.

The day our company opens the door and begins to continue to manufacture, without too much time to have a rest, all of our staffs move to pack and load a group of dinosaur robots, which have been ordered already in the early stage of this month, just being delayed because of the Chinese new year, those animatronic dinosaurs are on the way to Duschanbe by a truck, and will arrive at the destination days later.


animatronic dinosaurs


All in all, as givings back to our customers, we are promoting a big discounting for all kinds of dinosaurs from now on to the end of next month, so just grasp the time to browse the products.


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