Project for dinosaur-themed park: 2014 animatronic dinosaur exhibition in Oman


This is the dinosaur project made in 2014, everything went well, and our company received an inquiry from Oman, and the general manager allocated to one of the salesmen, and then relative quotation was made and sent to the client within 2 hours, there is no response back from the client in Oman, and the salesman just followed up with greetings as normal, suddenly, the client replied, and said sorry for the late response, and he was very interested in the quotation on the dinosaurs for the Oman park, which was just a big surprise to the salesman, and they fell into a long time conversation.


Afterwards, they reached an agreement to have a meeting to talk on the details on the animatronic dinosaurs, the client came to the factory after 10 days later, and begun to have a conference with the staffs in realdinosaur, in result, contract was made and signed, the client asked to pay online directly, as they are asking urgently to get the dinosaurs, but in fact, even he paid instantly, it was still a big project to finish in limited time frame, only 20 days was remaining to finish 20 big dinosaurs.


Finally, realdinosaur made a meeting and decided to work overtime, even at the night,(only make the process before painting, as it will bring a big color difference if painting at night.), fortunately, we completed all of the animatronic dinosaurs on time in the basis of high quality, it was belonging to the efforts of all the workers.


Then we sent an installment team to Oman to install on site, as there were so many large dinosaurs to be disassembled in to pieces, and the installment needed specialized crafts, with the cooperation of the clients, we finished the installment after 10 days later, and the client paid the expenses happened during the installment, we took the flight back to China, everything went so smooth, and it was really a great experience, the people gave us the kindness and hospitality, even we were not accustomed with the food and accommodation in Oman.


animatronic dinosaur exhibition in oman


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