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animatronic dinosaur park dinosaur exhibit suppliers

Product name animatronic dinosaur park dinosaur exhibit suppliers
Usage Theme park, amusement park, dinosaur park, restaurant, business activities, real estate opening ceremony, dinosaur museum, dinosaur playground, shopping malls, educational equipment, festival exhibition, museum exhibits , playground equipment, theme park, amusement park, city plaza, landscape decoration, etc.
Product Size Customized By Client(Length:1 Meters – 55 Meters)
Product Color Optional(customize all kinds of color schemes)
Technics Metal steel frame, high quality sponge, sounds and electricity system.
Power 110/220VAC/380V, 50/60HZ
Durability Waterproof, Snowproof, Sunproof.
Layers of silicon rubber keep the dinosaurs colorful all the time:1.Temperature: adapt to a temperature of -20C to 40°C.

2.Weather: resist rain, sunspot, snow, storm, and other extreme weather.

Movements 1..Eyes Blinking
2.Mouth open and close synchronized with roaring sounds
3.Head up and down
4.Neck moving left to right
5.Neck moving up and down
6.Front arms moving
7.Tail swaying
Sounds 1.Dinosaur Roaring and Breathing. 2.Custom other sounds.
Package Bubble plastics/Wooden case /Air case/Depends on customers' choice
Delivery Time 20-30 days(depend on order quantity)
Other Service Exhibition Layout Design/Theme Park Design/Festival Decoration
After-sale Service 24 Months(After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service in cost price)


animatronic dinosaur park dinosaur exhibit suppliers


animatronic dinosaur suppliers




animatronic dinosaur park  suppliers




Stegosaurus's live brain size occupied about half its braincase.  Calculations made on the basis of that suggested Stegosaurus had  been monumentally underbrained compared to modern mammals  of the same size. This dinosaur had been endowed with two ounces  of brain cells at most. An elephant has a brain at least thirty times  larger. So dim-wittedness is a judgment hard to avoid when think-ing about Stegosaurus. But the cranial end was only half the story of its neurological system. Between its hip sockets, deep within  the backbone where the pelvis attaches to the vertebral bodies,  was a huge enlargement of the spinal cord, a swelling of nerve tis-sue thirty times larger than the volume of the brain itself—the  stegosaur's "second brain." Professor Marsh found sacral enlarge-ments in other dinosaurs, too, but none as spectacular as in Stegosaur us. 


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