Zigong Real Dinosaur Science & Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the production of various types of Animatronic dinosaurs, Animatronic animals, Dinosaur costumes, Dinosaur equipment. the simulation dinosaur models as new products are made in proportion of the prototype of the dinosaur fossils by using of advanced technology, all of the details like appearance, shape and movements of the simulation dinosaur products are too realistic to be dinosaur resurrection.

Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturer In China

Animatronic dinosaur models production flow:

firstly building the internal steel frame by using high-quality steel, secondly installation of mechanical transmission mechanism according to the movements(such as reducer, DC motor), adopting high-density sponge on the steel frame structure, the artist makes the shape of the muscle part in accordance with the photo.

Professional animatronic dinosaur manufacturer

Then carved out the textures with an electric iron and other high-temperature tools, and attached to a layer of high elastic fiber cloth on the surface of the skin, which will extensively enlarge the skin tensile strength, effectively prevent the skin from tearing; brush the neutral anti-corrosion silicone on the skin in three times and finally spray colors according to the drawings required, eventually a lifelike dinosaurs presented.

Normally the simulation dinosaurs can make movements like: blinking eyes, mouth opening and closing with roaring sounds, neck up and down, forelimb waving, stomach contraction or expansion, tail swaying and so on.

Animatronic dinosaur exhibition in Large-scale sizes can make people have a much intuitive understanding of the dinosaurs, it is easy to create a mysterious atmosphere, not only attractive to the children, but also the adults, so that people can get a strong interest by exploring the mysterious ancient world, with the purpose of marketing for the exhibitions.

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