Raptor Model

As the Halloween festival is getting closer, we are recently simulating the scene in the film dinosaur world, manufacturing 3 life-size Raptors in the same colors and sizes, even the same models, the only difference is that we emulate the dinosaurs in animated models, rather than dinosaur costume models, from the gestures, they are seemly ready to run away from the factory, and get out to cruise in their land, the Raptors always nicknamed as the guards of the dinosaur world, we also make several T-Rex dinosaur costumes at the same time, what’s more, those dinosaur costumes are all hidden legs dinosaur costumes, which are also prepared for Halloween performance.

As we all know, the Raptors can run very fast, from the movie, we can estimate that the running speed will be more than 80km/h, they are relying on teamwork, and they live in groups, in this way, even they are small and not that powerful, but they can protect themselves with the power in groups.

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