Real Dinosaur is one of earlier producer in the animatronic dinosaur product in China, located in No.17, Huahai, Bancang Industrial Park, High-Tech Development Zone, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, which is just 2 km far away from “Zigong Dinosaur Museum”- the Asia’s largest dinosaur museum, we have over 10 years of animatronic dinosaur product design and manufacturing experience, our products are exported to about 40 countries and regions, no matter where you are, we will provide you with the most professional service and quality products.


Outdoor animatronic dinosaur exhibition


About Material:

1. We use high quality 45# steel or stainless steel SUS304 as the Internal steel, after completion of welding, it can be rust painted, will not only ensure the strength of steel, while extend the rust life of the product.




2. The motors and reducer for appropriate action have the Chinese CCC and CE certification, which is with quality stability; all gears and chains are protected by lubricating, to be a long life;.


the motors and reducer


3. Muscle sculpting uses high-density foam or fire retardant foam (customized), it is with chemical stability, anti-aging and high plasticity, can have a lifelike shape after carving.

Muscle sculpting uses high-density foam


4. Skin use high quality silicone material, which will be waterproof, tear resistant, anti-aging characteristics, result in a vivid color skin effect.


5. Action System adopted STC89C52 microcomputer controller, with low power consumption, high performance, easy maintenance and replacement and low cost.

Action System adopted STC89C52 microcomputer controller


23M Tyrannosaurus Rex production flow


If you are interested in our animatronic dinosaur or dinosaur costume products, please contact us for a precise quotation, whether you choose to cooperate with realdinosaur or not, we will respond positively..


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