Refer to our classic cases or dinosaur exhibition projects as below,to understand better.

Your satisfaction is what we are expecting to meet, and we will never finish our job unless the dinosaurs make your projects perfect.

Alive dinosaurs exhibition in Brussels

If you do not have much budget for your parks or events, then you can learn from this case in Thailand, which is a wild forest, only with trees and grasses around, this can be a wonderful background for the animatronic dinosaurs, as it is the best place for the dinosaurs to live in.

The client just ordered some dinosaurs from big to small sizes full of one big container, the biggest dinosaur, namely one t-rex fighting group in 15m, is regarded as the king of the forest, other small-medium sizes dinosaurs are distributed to places around the t-rex dinosaur, this scene if you come will make you get back to Jurassic era, the real dinosaurs world.

It is not about the business, but about the meaning to make people to know more about the old ages with the dinosaurs.

Animatronic dinosaur exhibition in Hunan Province, China

This park is integrated with the amusement park and dinosaur park together, the dinosaur park is absolutely the best attraction, all the equipments are surrounded by the dinosaurs in big or small sizes, the visitors will decide which equipment to play depending on the dinosaurs they like, and enjoy the moment differently but unforgettable.

The park is designed to be an exclusive area, our installment team takes 10 days to finish the job, people can walk and touch the dinosaurs so close, even they can feel the heartbeat and breathing, it is so realistic that you will forget the dinosaurs are simulated.

Jurassic park dinosaur exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This project is full of dinosaurs and lanterns, which are the special attractions for the people who like to have a best experience ever, and our factory is doing better in those fields for over 10 years.

The dinosaurs are set in the mountain with bigger sizes, such as T-Rex with full movements and Brachiosaurus spraying water, it is real that you may be astonished when you step at them.

The lanterns are set and installed for Chinese new year festival, a great number of people will swam up in this period, and the whole park can easily and greatly make profit from those events, this is all thanks to the dinosaurs and lanterns.

Giant dinosaur exhibition at megabox mall in Hong Kong

This dinosaur park is located in Guizhou, China, a wonderful place, and city, and the client choose the site of one mountain to put the dinosaurs, as the place is so big, the client decided to order several very big dinosaurs in 15m and 20m, as we can see, the t-rex dinosaur model is 15m in real life size, and the Spinosaurus dinosaur which is the biggest attraction is made into 20m, this turns to be so spectacular.

And our installment team spent four days to finish the installment, meanwhile, our workers work overnight in the rain, but our passion to finish the great job is enormous, when we finish the project, the client promised to make another order on the dinosaurs for in the next year once make agreement with the government.

Animatronic Dinosaur Theme Park In USA

A group of animatronic dinosaurs in realistic styles are settled in the park of USA, which is originally designed as the golf course, and now it is one of the superstar in the local city, because that the dinosaurs are so attractive and entertaining.

The family with the kids come to the park every week to play golf and entertain with the dinosaurs around when they are resting, taking photos and interacting, sharing in their posts, they will get a lot of comments from friends, just wonder which place the dinosaurs are, and it is a really full day.

Apart from the dinosaurs, the golf course also owns some animals like the King Kong, which is deeply loved by the people, especially those people who saw the films from Jurassic world and Jurassic park, it is the super hero to support, and you can also see some special animals like snake and shark in the mini lake, what a wonderful world!

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