Animatronic Dinosaur Common Faults And Solutions

  • Electrified, But No Reaction.


Check whether the controller light lights up, if it does,shaking arm at this moment in front of the sensor probe, there is still no response, may be sensing probe damage,

Then we can use trouble-free machine swap sensing probe to confirm the failure, and took new sensing probe replacement from repair parts in the package or contact us by mail.

Animatronic dinosaur common faults
  • The Dinosaur Was Able To Start, And One Of The Movements Didn’t Respond


The certain action fails. It may be the corresponding fuse of this action is damaged.

You need to use the screwdriver to open the black controller, check whether the insurance of the corresponding action has been fused (it is car insurance, easy to notice);

If it is damaged, take out the fuse of the corresponding color from the repair parts package and replace it.

If the insurance still fuses after replacement, contact us immediately.

  • When The Dinosaur Opened His Mouth, But No Roar


If it is an external speaker, first observe whether the power indicator light on the speaker is on when the mouth is open.

If it is on, the SD card on the speaker may be damaged.

If the indicator light of the speaker is off, it may be the external speaker, you can directly buy after replacement, contact us by mail.

If the speaker is built in (installed inside the dinosaur), it may be the speaker or the controller internal malfunction, please contact us.

  • The Dinosaur Made A Strange Noise With Some Movement


When the tail swaying to the side, has a sharp sound, is due to the external force caused by the internal steel frame deformation after friction;

You will need to contact us so that our technicians can assist you in correcting the mechanical structure.

If the tail always makes abnormal noise, it may be the motor reducer or bearing has been damaged.

At this time, new parts need to be replaced. Please contact us for mailing.

  • The Skin Was Damaged By Sharp Objects And Cracked


At this point, you can use a needle and thread to sew up the cracks (try to make the stitching neat), and then take out the transparent silica gel from the repair parts package, coat the sewed cracks evenly, and wait for them to dry and then paint them.

At the time of shipment, we will prepare a spare parts box for the customer, in which we will put the spare parts that may be used, including those mentioned above.

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