animated walking dinosaurs

Have you ever seen animated walking dinosaurs in the park?

Or any dinosaur walks in the stage show?

I bet you must be scared and feared because that they are so real and fierce, but in fact, they are not real, those walking dinosaurs are just been animated simulated and manufactured, and we are the better dinosaur company to manufacture those walking dinosaurs in China now.

animated walking dinosaurs
walking dinosaurs

There are many dinosaur suppliers, but in china, only our company can make walking dinosaurs, specially those dinosaurs with only two legs, our technicians and works have engaged in the research development for a long time, and there are several successful cases cooperated with the foreign dinoparks, one is in Chile and one is in South Africa.

As far as i know, BBC uses the vehicle to control the walking movement, only need one people to get inside and drive the vehicle;

But our company chooses another way to control the movement, namely we design one remote operation desk, then the operator can control the movements of the walking dinosaurs as his will, and the operation desk can be put 30m far away from the walking dinosaurs, and the walking dinosaurs are powered by hydraulic pressure, in this way, the movements can be much more steady and the dinosaur can be maintained for a longer time.

We also upgraded the movements to the new type, including eyes blinking, head moving left and right, then up and down, body moving left and right, then up and down, breathing, tail moving up and down, then left and right, the front arms moving, etc; all those movements can be adjusted and controlled by the operator.

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