Realistic animated dinosaur costume

animated dinosaur costume


Raptor Dinosaur Costume
Name Realistic animated dinosaur costume
Dimension Length: 4.2 M, Height: 1.92 M (can be customized)
Weight 22-25 KG(for all new design realisticT-Rex costumes)
Materials Stainless steel, high density foam, silicone rubber, pigment
Movements 1.Eyes blinking
2.Mouth open and close with diverse sounds
3.Neck up and down
4.Neck left and right
5.Neck twisting
6.Front claws moving
7.Tail moving
8.Walking and running with the dinosaur costumes
Packing case Our company provide one packing case for free, the packing sizes are always 3*0.88*1.2, special dinosaur costumes will be a little different in the height.
Delivery time 10-15 days to manufacture 1-3 pcs, the delivery time will depend on the quantity of final order.
Packing With one interior layer of plastic film to keep the costume from the dust, and the exterior layer of bubble film to keep from the damage.
Transport By sea, by truck, by train, or by air, depending on your choices.
Using scope Indoor and outdoor park, amusement park, water park, theme park, shopping mall, wedding party, plaza, movie, stage and all kinds of events.


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realistic animated dinosaur costume


Extended reading:

Alamosaurus, “lizard of the Alamo,” is the name given to the Cretaceous brontosaur found in Utah. “Alamo” in this case refers to the Ojo Alamo Mountains of New Mexico where the beast was first found in 1922. When that first Alamosaurus was found, it jolted American paleontology; until then, no one had found a single scrap of Late Cretaceous brontosaur in the United States. And it had been assumed that all the North American brontosaurs had died out long before Late Cretaceous times.animated dinosaur

The best specimen of Alamosaurus was excavated from a beautiful cliff face within the North Horn Mountains of Utah. Di-nosaurs from the North Horn constitute an intriguing mix. Sci-entists from the Smithsonian Institution have disinterred horned dinosaurs, duckbills, and flesh-eating tyrannosaurs—all three groups that dominate in the Cretaceous deltas of Wyoming-Alberta. But they have also discovered several gigantic brontosaurs, all belong-ing to Alamosaurus. And the North Horn quarry did not at all re-semble a typical Cretaceous delta. Instead, it looked precisely like a Jurassic quarry from Como. A walk up the cliff face yielded a count of seven distinct layers of lime pellets. So the North Horn habitat in Late Cretaceous times was much less soggy, on average, than the contemporaneous locales on the deltas in Wyoming. Like its Jurassic forebears, therefore, Alamosaurus lived and died in a landscape of dry, well-drained floodplains. Animatronic dinosaur costume

The ultimate in heterodox thinking seems justified. And brontosaur orthodoxy had it completely incorrect. Brontosaurs didn’t require deep swamps to buoy their bulk; they didn’t even like to be near swamps. Brontosaurus and its kin of the Jurassic Age favored truly terrestrial haunts with dry soils. And when great swamps did spread across vast areas of the Cretaceous world, as in Wyoming and Colorado, the brontosaur clans simply eschewed this soggy terrain and moved their evolutionary centers elsewhere, to locales where the brontosaurs could feel the reassuring texture of dry floodplains beneath their feet.