Andrews’s team found the very first dinosaur nest

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Andrews’s team found the very first dinosaur nest

Sereno’ s visit to Ulaan Battar had a primary goal to establish a cooperation with paleontologists of the Mongolian People’ s Republic (the name of the country during the Comunism age ) Two Mongolian scientists, realistic dinosaur costume namely Naydi Dovchin, a paleo-mammal expert, and Dr. Rinchen Barsbold were open to ideas of international expedition projects. Both of them were educated in Moscow and also participated in the Polish-Mongolian Paleontological Expeditions. Dr. Rinchen Barsbold was born in 1936 at Buliyain in Northern Mongolia. In Mongolian the word “barsbold” means tiger. His father was a famous poet and writer, and was fluent in 13 languages.


Barbold’ s family education provided him with a potential to become an open-minded and brave individual. animatronic dinosaur model Rinchen Barbold has become a leader of many international expedition teams working throughout the Gobi Desert.In 1991, I visited him in Ulaan Bataar ( which means “red hero” in Mongolian ) .He gave me a very warm welcome.That was the moment when our long-term cooperation began.Afterward, we went to Monoglian Gobi and visited the Flaming Cliffs, where the Andrews ’ s team found the very first dinosaur nest with eggs.


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