Dinosaur puppet, like the dinosaur suit, is the another name of the dinosaur costume, needing one person from 165cm to 195cm to get inside, then control the levers to move the expected movements, nowadays, more and more clients are importing and using the dinosaur puppet to become the first one who bringing the dinosaur puppet, as a new attraction in the city or the country.

Now it is in the period of rapid delevoping, and any client sees the profits from the dinosaur puppet of the dinosaur events, so everyone is competing each other to bring in the best quality dinosaur puppet, winning the marcket.

Last weekend, one Hungary person took three dinosaur costumes/puppets into exhibition and performance, those dinosaur costumes are different sizes and different colors, allowing different size persons to get inside to control the dinosaurs, sometimes, the operators with the dinosaur costumes stopped to have a rest, and talked with each other in different corresponding sounds, making the dinosaur costumes look like real, sometimes, the controllers walked and ran with the three dinosaur costumes.

It seemed that the dinosaurs found certain preys or mates, the performance attracted a large number of visitors to join in and see, we know, the weekend days are very precious, because most of the foreigners would like to spend the two days to shop and entertain themselves, so some of the family choose the entertainment with the kids.

When getting back to home, the kids can share the experience with their classmates, it can be a very interesting topic between stangers and good friends,and the adults can write some articles and get some inspiration, even some of the journalists will write some essays in the news, what is more, everyone can learn some knowledge about the dinosaurs from the entertainment, like the sizes, names, colors, shapes, habits and history.

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