Life-size Simulation Dinosaurs

Do you ever see any King Kong except from the touched movie? Now you can see, we are doing the project for one domestic dinosaur exhibition, and need to make out 10 different dinosaurs as required by the customers, among which we will manufacture one big simulation dinosaur 15 m in length and one animatronic King Kong 6 m in height, the King Kong is seldom manufactured, so it will be one of the biggest highlights in the exhibition.

Animatronic King Kong Model

animatronic king kong

As we know, the life size of Brontosaurus dinosaur will be 15 m, so we make the life size Brontosaurus, it is the another huge monster in this exhibition, even it is seemly very big, but in fact the cost will be lower than usual, because the long neck and long tail, not like T-Rex and Allosaurus, but both kinds of dinosaurs will be attractive, they are just different types.

Life-size Simulation Dinosaurs

Life-size Simulation Dinosaurs

Those 10 dinosaurs including the King Kong and life size Brontosaurus are formed into one troop, the King Kong is the king, and the Brontosaurus is the general, others are soldiers, frankly, people can be deeply astonished just by the scene composed of King Kong and life size Brontosaurus, the great animals and dinosaurs, they are standing in the similar height, just like they are communicating with each other, talking about how to help the buyers to make great success in the exhibitions.

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