Animatronic Dinosaur Maker

Sometimes, T-rex dinosaurs are also called the dinosaur king, that symbolizes the status of the T-Rex among all kinds of the dinosaurs, no matter in the period of Triassic, Jurassic or even Cretaceous, nowadays, people also regard T-Rex dinosaurs as the king of the amusement games, our factory is the professional dinosaur maker of movement dinosaurs.

We normally look on the big T-Rex dinosaurs as the dinosaur kings, which in fact is a wrong aspect, every adult T-Rex dinosaurs are grown up from small dinosaurs, and they are full of the trait of the dinosaur king at the beginning.

Nevertheless, the smaller the dinosaur is, the harder to make the movements, especially those attractive movements, like body up and down, some smaller dinosaurs are even without eyes blinking, because the parts, the spaces are not sufficient for putting much motors inside, so there must be one artificial Fiberglass rock, to cover the control box.

On the condition that the clients want the small dinosaur to be painted with more brown and grey colors, the painters have to paint again and again, It is not because that the customer required very acerb, just because this small T-Rex dinosaur is used for indoor collections, and most of the parts indoor are in green colors, so we can understand well about the requirements.

As we can see directly, the eyeballs, teeth and tongue are finally installed on the month, only after the painting is completely finished, in this way, the painting will not affect the colors of the eyeballs, teeth and tongue.

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