Walking Dinosaur Rides

Most of the people may have the experience of riding the horses, and driving the cars, but most of them must not ride on the dinosaurs, they must think of the scene in your dreams for a long time, and our company brings it into reality today.

Walking Dinosaur Rides

In the amusement games, the visitors can not only have taken a view at the dinosaurs, or just interact with the dinosaurs, like taking some pictures and riding on the static dinosaur statues, but also the visitors can even ride on the moving dinosaurs, and control the direction forward with the steering wheel on the back, those walking dinosaur rides are animatronic, which seemly can move in their own ideas, and the people would like the feeling to look like they are conquering the dinosaurs.

The visitors can choose different dinosaurs to ride on, and different controlling methods to control, depending on the hobbies, some like to riding the horse, others like driving the car and bumper car, the people like to play with each other, and enjoy the fun from the play, it is a game, everyone wants to join in.

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