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From the hard disc in my computer, i found one classic dinosaur costume for sale, it is designed for adults to control, in fact, most of the dinosaur costumes will be same in sizes of 4 m in length, this is proved to be the most suitable sizes for adults to control, only in this condition, there will be enough space inside to allow the adults to control the movements, and the movements can be smooth.

Dinosaur costumes

This T-Rex inflatable costume is highly required by the client, and the result is satisfied, you can see clearly the neck twisting with realistic stripes, and the silicon teeth is much shape, but without harm to any person in fact; and the tongue is so real like the dinosaur is making the sounds from the tongue.


Walking legs visible dinosaur

From the sunlight, the T-Rex costume looks like the super attraction, even the T-Rex is so聽conspicuous than the animatronic dinosaur Dilophosaurus in other sides when performing, the head can look up so high and so low like the picture showing.

Walking with the dinosaur suit

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