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Amphibians score significant subterranean successes


The sharp-edged upper fangs of a big, adult Ceratophrys can cut up the hand of an unwary herpetologist. (life size animatronic animal)Ceratophrys also claims the distinction of being an armor-plated toad. Embedded below the moist outer skin are wide bony plates protecting the shoulders and neck. If you grew up in northern New Jersey, as I did, you get the impression that frogs are a swamp-bound clan, because watery haunts offered the best frog-hunting ground. But most species of frog are tropical, and in the tropics fully half of the frog species can be land-living as adults, and many climb trees.(walking dinosaur costume) In the floodplain of the Congo River, three different families of species of tree frog clamber about the bushes and forests, snaring insects from leaves and bark.


Amphibians score significant subterranean successes, too. (realistic dinosaur costume)The New England mole salamander pushes its way through damp soil using its strong snout and thickly muscled torso. In the tropics salamanders are scarce, but the soil is churned up by hundreds of species of legless amphibians, the Apoda (Greek for "legless ones"). Several families of frog are well-equipped excavators, digging with pointed snout or spadelike feet.(animatronic dinosaur) In the Malay Archipelago, herps reach the summit of their locomotor evolution. Here is found the flying frog. Spreading the thin membranes between its long fingers and toes, the flying frog launches off a forest perch and glides effortlessly to another tree a hundred yards away. It's not true powered flight, like the flapping progression of birds and bats, but the frog's powerless glide has a certain herp elegance. All told, in habitats from all climates, the Class Amphibia scores three-thousand species, just as many as the total number of nonflying mammals. We're not living in the Age of Mammals, we're living in the Age of Frogs.

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