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All this may have happened to the last dinosaurs. Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur After great activity toward. the end of the period, mountain building was quiescent at the very end, and falling seas relinked continental pieces. As for ocean life, there are suggestions that the retreating seaways caused the decline and extinctions of both marine vertebrates and marine invertebrates. Whatever the problem or problems, the whole world fauna seems to have been under increasing stress before the final event.


On the other hand, some other very odd things \ /ere going on at the very end of the Cretaceous. Animatronic dinosaur for sale Cretaceous sediments do not just blend smoothly into Tertiary beds. Instead, there usually is an alteration of the sediments near and at the boundary, and new [,pes are laid above. The environmental conditions had changed significantly-although the long-term difference was too mild to have caused such hear,y extinction by itself. The key is the thin layer at the boundary. It contains abundant heavy metals, especially iridium, and dustlike particles that are the apparent residue of a lO-km-diameter asteroid or comet impacting with the earth.26 The probable consequences of such a collision, perhaps like that of a full-scale nuclear war, have been made well known to the public.2? A blanket of high altitude dust would enshroud the earth and block out sunlight, shutting down photoslmthesis and plunging world temperatures for months. And this could be just the start of hellish conditions that would last for many decades. Intense air pollution and acid rain could poison animals and plants, while world temperatures might soar after the initial fall.

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