All handmade animatronics robot walking dinosaur suit for entertainment events

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To disguise the real dinosaurs world, one client in UK is determining to purchase a group of dinosaur gangsters with different dinosaur patterns, from the manufacturing scene, you can easily take a look at the dinosaurs, that all of them are ready to run away, seemly finding some foods.


dinosaur suits (3)


Even though they have been extinct for 65 million years, people are still understandably terrified of dinosaurs; and no-one exploits this fear better than New York, when our several performers gather together to, everybody hold the breathing, afraid that to attract too much attention by the dinosaurs there.


dinosaur suits (1)


Using those dinosaur suits at the side of the path to lure catch people’s attention, the frighteningly realistic T-Rex model jumps out of the bushes to ambush the people around, no matter Joggers, walkers, roller-skaters and pensioners, all of them get a taste of terror as the beast lunges towards them.

It’s somewhat surprising all the crew who are still doing these pranks, considering they gave an elderly man a heart attack last year, the outlooks are made much more mild nowadays.


Dinosaur costume