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Adult Wearing Dinosaur Walking with Spinosaurus Costume in Hidden Legs


Spinosaurus dinosaur costume in 20kg

This dinosaur costume is based on the model of Spinosaurus costume our company ever made for one of my UK clients, the only difference is just on the legs, hidden legs or visible legs, now more and more customers demand the hidden legs type, which can pretend to be much vivid to the public, but it is not that realistic on the movements in this way.



Besides, the dinosaur costume is customized by the operator sizes, namely 190cm in height, in result, on one in our factory can wear it properly, , by the way, it is meeting the March Expo this month, all products will be provided with 5-10% discounting, no matter for the prices, but also for the delivery as well, just contact our salesmen to know more details.



It is getting hotter in this season, no dinosaur can endure the temperature any more, they are beginning to try to get out of the cage, then run unscrupulously in the spacious earth.


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