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Adult walking with realistic T-Rex costume head


There are so many kinds of dinosaur costumes, dragon costumes and other types of animal costumes on youtube links, but have you ever seen the dinosaur heads? Now you can take a close look at the head of the t-rex costume which we finish today, the whole procedures spent a time of 3 days, we have already sent the photos and videos to the clients in Malaysia, who is so satisfied with the effects, and expecting to order 100 pcs of this kind of heads immediately.


t-rex head (1)


The dinosaur head can be also called the dinosaur masks, which can be static or animatronic types, depending on the usage of the customers, all of the parts are same to the normal dinosaur costumes, it just like being removed from the real dinosaurs, the eyes and teeth, even the skins are so realistic to let people think it as it is alive, the performers can easily put the dinosaur mask on the head for kids interation, and can see the outside clearly, what's more, you can take it for events like Christmas and Halloween.


t-rex head (2)

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